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Additional Information

Multi-agency Sharing of Information

For all agencies to work together effectively a Partnership agreement governs the multiagency sharing of information about individual young people, in accordance with principles of confidentiality. Consent from young people and their parents/carers is integral to this Partnership Agreement and will be required before being discussed at the multi-agency Transitions Operational Group. This meets 3 times per year  and ensures that all young people are assigned a Lead Professional and supported through any particular difficulties in transition planning. The group also agrees decisions regarding funding and meeting needs in adult social care and health.


Young People with Complex Needs

An early triggering system will ensure that Adult Social Care Services begin their involvement in Year 9, when a young person has a significant learning disability, brain injury or neurological condition affecting their ability to understand or communicate their health needs and will require significant input from adult services. Health action plans will be started.


New and Unexpected Entries to the System

When a young person acquires an enduring injury during the transition phase, or when families move into St Helens the responsibility for planning for the next review will be allocated as above. The Lead Professional will ensure that all other key players are contacted and brought in, if need be to accelerate the process of effective planning.

We have recently developed a DVD explaining the transition process, which is available for parents/carers and young people to loan. If you are interested in getting a copy, please contact The Bridge Centre Reception.


Further Information

For more information contact the Transition Social Worker at The Bridge Centre on 01744 673900 or alternatively, you can speak with the Deputy Head Teacher at your child's school.

The following publications provide guidance on Transition: