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Children's Social Care

Children's Social Care has a duty to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of childrn and young people in St Helens.  The identification of children in need and delivering services to meet those needs is the responsibility of all agencies. 

In St Helens we have developed a Continuum of Need to ensure that all vulnerable children receive a planned and reviewed service from the agencies involved in their lives; this sets out levels of need and the support which will be made available. The principle underpinning this is that of early intervention in order to improve children`s life chances and ensure positive outcomes for children and their families.


 This includes:

  • Supporting disabled children and their families
  • Assessing children when they may be in need 
  • Assessing situations where children may be suffering abuse or neglect and taking action that will protect them 
  • Looking after children who cannot live with their families
  • Supporting young people as they leave care and live independently


In doing so we aim to:

  • Improve outcomes for vulnerable children and young people in St Helens
  • Ensure all children and young people in St Helens are safe and healthy
  • Ensure children achieve their full potential to enjoy and contribute to their local community
  • Support parents to care for their children, where it is safe to do so - recognising that families might need support to function from both children and adult services
  • Work closely with other agencies to provide joined up services by improving communication, information sharing, co-ordination and common ways of working.