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Short Break Carer's Scheme

Providing breaks for children aged 0-18 years with approved short break carers.  Carers are rigorously assessed and formally approved prior to their acceptance on the scheme. They then are appropriately matched with children whose needs they can meet. 


We recruit foster carers who are dedicated to caring for disbaled young people. For some people being a parent is not easy, especially if you are on your own with a large family and don't have any support, this is where our short break foster carers can help.


Caring for a disabled child is rewarding and exciting, but can also be hard work and the opportunity to do everyday things such as shopping can be difficult or even impossible for families.  When famiies need a break, for whatever reason, the short break carers scheme can help.


What the Short Break Carer's Scheme Offers


Once our carer's have been rigorously assessed and approved, the short breaks service matches them to a family who have a disabled child.  The children can be of any age and in addition to having a severe learning disability, may also have a physical or sensory impairment or other complex needs.  The family offering short breaks will welcome the child into their home for anything from a few hours a week to an overnight stay one weekend per month.  Usually carers are matched to one child, but if they had more time to offer this could increase.  Matching a child to a family is carefully considered to ensure that the birth family, carers and most importantly, the child are happy and excited about the prospect of a short break.  As well as overnight stays at weekends, carer's will also look after a child once a week for a tea-time visit.  The child is usually taken from school to the carer's home and returned home at around 7pm, to enable them to settle and get ready for bed at home.


Benefits of the Short Break Carer's Scheme


The short break carer's scheme has lots to offer everyone concerned.  Just a few of these benefits include:



  • The opportunity to make new friends and spend time away from their family
  • To gain hew experiences in a safe, secure and consistent environment
  • To have fun
  • To play with others
  • To enjoy lots of social activities such as swimming, going to the park, soft play areas
  • The chance to learn and develop new skills, whilst enhancing their existing skills



  • Time to relax
  • Time to see friends and socialise
  • Time with other family members
  • Time to complete chores such as shopping
  • Importantly, time to complete all of the above knowing that your child is happy, safe and being well cared for.



  • The opportunity to make a special new friend
  • The chance to have fun and to complete exciting activities with a child
  • To help their own children better understand the needs of others
  • To help another family better enjoy their own life a little bit more