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Agency Support

Following on from a social care assessment the Council may provide you with a care plan, which might include agency support as one of the support options in meeting your child `s assessed needs, or your needs as a carer.

Your Social Worker in confirming your needs will offer guidance as to which agencies you will be offered, in line with current contracts that are in place. We generally seek to arrange for your support to be with one provider reflecting the most significant needs presented.

The Council currently commission services with a number of agencies, which are registered with Ofsted and have been awarded a formal contract for the next two-year period. In commissioning these services there was a consultation process and a detailed tender submission, which was evaluated by a tender panel including parents and professionals. The services in question have detailed service level agreements which are monitored by the Commissioning team in the Children and Young People `s Services and Children with Disabilities Team to ensure agreed care plans are delivered to a high standard.  Where you are in receipt of Direct Payments the agencies will also consider providing services - which you may wish to consider if you have temporary difficulties in using your Direct Payments. Where this is the case it is your decision to use the agency or to stop doing so, and the relationship is for you to monitor.

We commission 3 agencies currently to meet needs in the following areas:

1) Home Based & Domiciliary Support

This service is to support parents with the care and support of young people within the family home; this may be, for instance, where support is needed with personal care, sitting services or overnight care.  It may also include support with community activities where this is also required as well as the other needs.

This service is delivered by: Castlerock


2) Community and outreach support

This service is to enable young people with severe disabilities access their community, leisure programmes, community sessions, friendship groups and any other interests. We provide support to young people either on a one-to-one basis or as part of a small friendship group.

This service is delivered by: Crossroads

 3) Challenging home based and outreach support

This service is to support families of children and young people who may have the most complex ASD, severe disabilities and/or challenging behaviours.  This service provides short breaks within the home, in the community and in other venues.  The primary aim is to support parents with the care and support of young people so that they can remain within the family home.

This service is delivered by: MacIntyre

Leaflets are available by following the links for each organisation: