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St Helens Mojo's

Mojo's have accessed 160 families in St Helens who have a child with ADHD or other disability.


Mojo's are now working directly with 80 young people at their weekly youth club which accommodates children with a range of disabilities (age 5-18) and their siblings, providing parents with a much needed break.


In addition to the Youth Club, Social Groups and Events, Mojo's are also going to be funding support for their young people from an ADHD Coach, and counselling for their parents.


We are moving to the 4F Centre to take advantage of the outside space which is clearly needed. As many parents indicated in the exit forms the reason for leaving was the location we are offering everyone the opportunity to apply for places.


There will be 30 places which will be allocated firstly to the young people currently attending MOJO's with the remainder being offered to anyone else who wishes to apply. There is a survey linked below for anyone who wishes to apply for places and these will be collected automatically. 




Dear All

We would like to inform you that Simon and I have resigned from the Management Committee this morning due to personal reasons. Vicky McLellan will be taking over the role of Chair and with the Management Committee will continue the work we have started. We would like to thank you all for your help and support. 

Best wishes

Simon and Gill Neal