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Disability Specific Information

We include a range of links to websites of organisations providing information on specific conditions and links to sites offering help, support and advice.  Unfortunatley we are unable to list all of the organisations that support specific disabilities because there are so many.


Our information does not cover all conditions and you may also want to check out the Contact a Family website as organisations such as OAASIS are able to provide more in-depth information.


TAC Interconnections is an organisation set up for everyone in the world of childhood disability.  We keep a broad and inclusive focus on all babies, children and young people whatever their disabilities, special needs and situations.  We work to:

  • Help keep everyone up to date with developments and events
  • Support the national and international collection of evidence about effective support

For more information visit the Team Around The Child website.

Foster the Team Around the Child (TAC) approach - children and families do better when the people helping them work together


If you would like to add other information to this section for us to share with other parents please feel free to do so by emailing us at: childrensdisabilityservice@sthelens.gov.uk.


Theinformation in this section is organised in alphabetical order which may be by the condition and/or title of the organisation.