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Within the Children's Disability Service Short Breaks Programme, St Helens has identified three levels of services for disabled children in St Helens, which are:

  • Universal
  • Targeted
  • Specialist



Examples of Universal services are mainstream schools, General Practicitioners (GPs), midwives, health visitors, after school clubs, play activities, youth clubs, music lessons and groups, sports clubs, church activities and uniformed organisation activities.


Who are they for?

Universal services are those services that are available all children, young people and their families. Universal services are designed to meet the sorts of needs that all children and young people have.



An example of a targeted service would be a Children's Centre.


Who are they for?

Targeted services provide support aimed at particular groups of children/young people, but often accessed from within universal services.  Individual children, young people and their parents will have been identified as having additional needs often through undertaking an Electronic Common Assessment Framework(ECAF).



Examples of specialist services are special schools, specialist nurses/medical staff, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and teachers of visual or hearing impairment.


Who are they for?

Specialist services are provided specifically for children and young people with specialist, acute, complex or very high level needs. They will often be provided alongside universal services but may, in exceptional circumstances, be a replacement for a universal service. Access to specialist services requires additional assessment or a referral linked to specific criteria or in some cases a particular diagnosis.


We have developed an Information Directory which includes information and contact details on a number of topics such as:

Disability Specific, Education, Family Support, Finance & Benefits, Health, and Play & Leisure.

If you would like to find further information please access the Family Information Service website.