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Health Professionals

There is a range of health services available which can provide specialist support to you and your child. Some of the people who may work with you include:

  • Clinical Psychologists - who help children who have difficulties with relationships with other people, through counselling and other treatments
  • Community Children's Nurses - specialist nurses who work with children and young people with disabilities and complex health needs.
  • District Nurses - who provide nursing care to patients usually in their own homes, in residential care homes or in health centres.
  • Health Visitors - trained nurses with specialist qualifications who can give advice on childcare and development.
  • Occupational Therapists - who are concerned with a child's overall development in terms of mobility, play and activities of daily living.
  • Paediatricians - who specialise in the treatment and care of children whilst in hospital or the community.
  • Physiotherapists - who assess and work with children who have problems with movement, or who have chest and respiratory problems.
  • Psychiatrists - doctors who specialise in treating mental health conditions.
  • School Nurses - who support school children with issues including dietary advice, development concerns and behavioural problems.
  • Speech and Language Therapists - who work with children who have communication problems and/or eating and swallowing difficulties.

Your child may need to be referred to some of these services.  Referral is when a professional decides to introduce you to another specialised service for their help. This is often done by a health professional (e.g. general practitioner, health visitor) or could be done by a social care professional (e.g. social worker) or sometimes other professionals, such as teachers.