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How do I find out more information in respect of 'out of school' activities for my child?

Parents can make a self referral to Barnardo's or the Carers Centre can make a direct referral. However, we need to firstly establish what it is the child would benefit from. Barnardo's will usually only accept referrals when a social services assessment has taken place because some children fall out of the criteria such as children with ADHD because this is not a recognised disability in St Helens.

Barnardo's can provide support in a number of ways:

1) Provide sessions at the 4F centre in Rainhill where the child can be dropped off and play in a secure environment. 

2) Barnardo's can also work with the child and can sometimes look at providing 1-2-1 support at clubs such as Brownies etc

3) Family Drop in sessions (no referral required) 

Barnardo's Catalyst - 01744 27129 - Main office, has relocated to YWCA, Nunn Street, Parr.

Make it Happen initiative - Money provided from the government to each school for children and this has been provided until August 2011 and the criteria has widened to include children from under privileged postcodes.  Parents can ask their school whether their child would be entitled to the money for out of school activities
818 CLUB - 677881/07885 981415 - Based at Windlehurst Youth Club.  Various activities held, some costs involved.

Youth Club - 01925 222907 - Based at Crownway Centre, Earlestown. 6 to 8pm each Wednesday.  Suitable for children 12 and over.  Cost of 50p per session  plus snack bar available.